What A day! And Yet So Normal? – Part 2

This blog post is part 2 of a 3-part series. I describe the Survival stage that was began in part 1. My parenting scenario will give you hope by revealing what strengths to draw upon to manage interesting situations:

As you already know, this full series introduces a day in the beginning of my Single parenting and Caregiving.

Here you go:


A day in the beginning of my single parenting/caregiving

Looking Back

Long before all this, I had been a respected young girl who had worked so hard to become who I had become and to attain what I had attained under the difficult circumstances of my upbringing. I was almost always on the right side of things. As the second born in a family of ten children, it was my cultural obligation to grow up not only quickly but also to help raise my younger siblings along the way. I think I fulfilled that purpose at the time.

mage retrieved from: http://blog.bible/bible-blog/entry/is-it-wrong-to-feel-lonely-when-i-have-god

Retrieved from: http://blog.bible/bible-blog/entry/is-it-wrong-to-feel-lonely-when-i-have-god

After meeting Mr. Charming though, things changed. I entered a strange world where I spent a decade or so fighting for and losing my identity. I became somebody else. No doubt, I still achieved a lot, but it was all done in some other person’s mold. Afraid and unsettled, I searched for the true ‘me’ to offer to the world. From time to time, I caught glimpses of ‘me’ and engaged that self, whenever I could, to achieve results.

Those glimpses quenched my thirst for the self and reminded me of joyful times, times when someone commented that I seemed to “see the world with [my] teeth,” because I was “always smiling, happy, composed, confident and determined!” Those days, my dreams were beautiful and composed of flying to heights unknown, motivating others and impacting the lives of the disadvantaged. Those days, I was surrounded by my loving family of origin who held my hand when I needed it and loved me unconditionally. There, I felt blissfully at home…….

Retrieved from https://patch.com/california/encinitas/susie-waltons-joy-parenting-course-

Some Joys to Behold and Lessons to Learn

As I was beholding these joyful thoughts, the fighting between my two middle kids in a room upstairs brought me back from the daydream. They had bumped hard into each other and were each shouting back a few notches above the last, creating a deafening noise. When I got up to go help the two and to bring some order to the home, I noticed that my special needs son had been standing behind me, possibly all this time, naked and unnoticed.

I turned to hand over the baby to him only to remember that he had no mental capacity to safely guard his little brother, given that he himself needed supervision. With baby in my arms and holding my special son’s hand (lets call him SS from now on), we all went upstairs.

Image retrieved from http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/North-Going_Zax_and_South-Going_Zax

There, we found the two warriors standing at the entrance of SS’s bedroom, blocking it. When asked what the matter was, it triggered the classic he said/she said trap. Neither was willing to budge. I had to pull them apart, physically separating their noses and tummies that were firmly pressed against each other’s. Passing between them, I managed to get through and help SS to put on his pajamas.

While the two brushed their teeth, I looked up the story of ‘The Zax’ by Dr. Seuss. With the two tucked into their sleeping bags in SS’ bedroom, baby still in my lap, and SS positioned in his classic never-sit-down mode (SS hardly sits down but will stand or pace throughout his waking hours), I read them the story. It became obvious that the two had tired themselves from the fight. They fell asleep during the Zax’s discussion, one of them mid-sentence, while telling the other, “… but you are two Zax.s.s…” That day, I let them sleep in their sleeping bags with an additional blanket thrown over for warmth. By their body language and engagement in the discussion, I knew they had taken in the lesson from the Zax’s story.

Yes, even though the demands of parenting can be exhausting, they can also be very rewarding. Enjoy the wild ride as you allow yourself to grow alongside your kids and other loved ones. Enjoy the greatness that is resident in each kid – A greatness that you are tasked  with helping to bring out over time. It will test your patience and your very being. But, in the end you will be a better person for having Raised another or others.

To your Survival, Success, & Significance!


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