The 5 Essential Questions of life – Q1. Who are you? Really…

UrgentHappy New Year Everyone! This being my 1st new year post, I will step away from the Blossom series for a couple of weeks in order to shift our thoughts onto the essence of our lives as human beings.

The related exercise is to help you locate yourself on the journey of life. And… what better teachings to apply than Dr. Myles Munroe’s Five Essential Questions of Life? They include:

  1. Who am I? A Question of Identity.
  2. Where am I from? A Question of Origin.
  3. What Can I do? A Question of Potential 
  4. Why am I here? A Question of Purpose.
  5. Where Am I going? A Question of Destiny.

Let’s delve directly into Munroe’s questions one by one, at the pace of one a week.

The exercise is best done in a place free of distractions. It is to be contemplated  throughout the week and beyond. Here is the first question:



Who, really, is that person living in the shell you call your body? YOU, are the tenant living in your body, your earthly home. That’s why when the tenant vacates, there’s nobody home to keep the body alive.

The answer to the question of who you are should reveal that authentic tenant. The temptation is to think of yourself in terms of what you do, but the answer to this question should not trigger anything to do with what you do for a living. What you do for a living is temporary, but who you are is permanent. To meet your tenant, find some quiet, alone time, and answer the question of who you are, honestly. Write down who you are. Here’s one way of doing it:

How to locate and define  who YOU are using the ABC Tri-Wisdom strategy:

  1. Assess and Appreciate who you really are – Define that true ‘person’ that’s living in your body – your earthly house. Who you are is so much nobler and majestic that what you or others probably know.
  2. Belong to this essential person you call “I” or “ME” (Stand in your truth, not in the labels that others have placed on you). You have to be present in you, in order to move forward as YOU.
  3. Contribute to your essence by Committing to become the best you. Only YOU can move YOU forward. Yes, it will be with the help of others, but the decision and action are YOURS to commit to.

Ask yourself: 

  1. How will I honor who I am this week? 
  2. What’s the one thing I will do today to ensure I honor who I am.
  3. How will I evaluate that I have honored who I am today? This week? 

Kevin’s story: Your help please…

Q1. What would you do under Kevin’s circumstances below?

Overwhelmed by the many demands on his life as a full time University Professor, Single father of three kids, and Caregiver to his autistic brother, Kevin was beginning to lose control over his life. He was losing his car keys more often, misplacing stuff in the house more frequently and forgetting his scheduled appointments. He recently showed up to work with mismatched shoes, and only discovered when one of his students pointed it out to him.

Kevin could barely rest long enough to function well. Nor could he find the time to socialize with others as the many expectations and deadlines pushed him into a robotic corner, with an endless to-do list. With his ‘former artistic self now dead,’ Kevin had come to believe that he could no longer even draw a stick person – a far cry from his former self as a sculptor and graphic designer with freely flowing creative juices.Main thing

Life threw Kevin a curve when his wife of 7 years passed on shortly after the birth of their baby girl. Kevin appeared to have grieved well thereafter. He had stabilized with the help of his aunt Judy who came over to help him, staying with him for two years. But, things seemed to have gone south when Aunty Judy left. Things got even worse after the employment of a ‘nanny from hell.’ This nanny seemed to have come to dismantle everything that Aunt Judy had helped build. It did not help Kevin when the arrangements for the next nanny and a new romantic relationship both fell through. This left him with no lasting or predictable child care – for the last two and a half years. With one income, Kevin cannot afford to stop working to care for his young children. He does not have savings to live off of. Any Government support would be inadequate.

Q2. Using the idea that Identity is crucial, 

a). How can Kevin find his identity under the circumstances?

b). Why should Kevin care to locate himself on his life’s journey and define his identity?

Please feel free to enter your comments below.

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And … No, you wouldn’t want to miss my Next Blog Post, would you?

Of course not! In the next blog, let’s continue with the 5 essential questions of life (Where am I from? A Question of Origin). It probably won’t be what you are thinking. 

… To your Success and True Happiness….


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    alifeoflearningpro says:

    I would advise Shakira to inform Matt that God the creator does not have to be visible in order to believe in him. Similar to a remote, we cannot see any physical connection between the remote control and the T.V., yet we still have faith that at a click of a button, it will turn on. God too is evident through our faith and through his sustenance, forgiveness and love in our lives. Including all of his creation…including Matt himself.


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