The 5 essential Questions of life – Q. #5: Where Am I going? A Question of Destiny.

In life’s Q. #4, we explored the topic of purpose. Here, you sought (and hopefully found) the reason for your existence – the blank that made you necessary and one that only you could optimally fill. Today, we are covering the last of Dr. Munroe’s 5 essential questions of life as listed below for your review.

  1. Who am I? A Question of Identity. √
  2. Where do I come from? A question of Origin. √
  3. What Can I do? A Question of Potential. √
  4. Why am I here? A Question of Purpose. √
  5. Where Am I going? A Question of Destiny.

As usual, all exercises in this series are best done in a place free of distractions and each question is to be contemplated throughout the week and beyond. Main thing

So, let’s look in to Dr. Munroe’s 5th essential question of life:



“… it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment…” Hebrews 9:27 is a Biblical verse that reminds us of two assessments awaiting us. The first is here on earth while we live here-in and after we leave there-after. The second is the assessment we get beyond our earthly lives.

Once you leave the earth, your assignment will be graded for significance and legacy by those you leave behind. Your footprints will remain as evidence that you passed through here. There are many who are dependent on you, unbeknownst to you or otherwise. The fulfillment of your purpose, on which they depend for the optimization of theirs, is your assignment. What mark will you leave behind for having passed this way? Will you have fulfilled the assignment for which you were created? The True Meaning of life is to plan trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit.” – Nelson Henderson.

The story of Gabe:

Gabe had come to go, but he left his mark anyway. Dead on arrival, he had made his clear mark by getting Robert and Michelle to reunite after a recent separation that had been fueled by “irreconcilable differences.” One evening at 6 months gestation, it suddenly occurred to Michelle that she had ‘not felt her baby kicking that day.’ Worried, she alerted Robert, her now ex-husband. He drove her to the emergency room where in a few dizzying hours, a still born was delivered to the two parents. Bob and Michelle’s only unity had been around the upcoming birth of their baby. They both sat there in disbelief, paralyzed by the loss of their baby. Feeling helpless and in denial, they realized that the only other person that could feel so deeply about Gabe was … the other parent. This was the bond that Gabe had come to deliver.

The passing of their newborn drew Bob and Michelle closer than they had ever been. At his passing, they were forced to work together to announce the bad news to a select group of friends and family, arrange the funeral and burial of their ‘candle-in-the-wind.’ Gabe, without ever seeing the light of day on earth, had brought his parents a gift, without even trying. Gabe had left behind his re-conciliatory footprint. Through the process of receiving and bidding farewell to their newborn’s body, the couple learned much about each other and saw each other with fresh eyes. They went on to reconcile and remarry. The gift has lasted them in to their 80s!

As for you and I, unlike Gabe, we have the gift of time and a free will accorded to us. To choose what our lives will be and what our lives will do is, in most cases, out of this free will. It behooves us, therefore, within our creator’s will, to choose who to become and what to do with our lives – with a focus on fulfilling our assignments. Let us be of the value intended by our creator.

Life is not a rehearsal, so each footprint is a true footprint that does count. Ask yourself:

  1. How will I make the world a better place to live in?
  2. How will my having passed through, count?
  3. How will I influence others to also fulfill their purposes?
  4. When you come to the end of your earthly life, will you have planted that tree whose shade others can continue to rest in after you leave?
  5. Will you have left a legacy you can be proud of?

Death is a sure reality for each one of us. Once you vacate your current life, you will also be graded wherever you are going, on whether and on how well you fulfilled your intended assignment. As noted already, we die once and after that, there is judgement. Ours is an individual assessment where there will be no cheating.  You will be measured against your intended purpose, NOT anyone else’s. Therefore, living YOUR life well is key.

In conclusion, you will be rewarded for a job well done, on earth and in heaven.  If you do the right job and do it well, you pass the assessments both ways. If you believe in Heaven, you will hear the sweet words “Welcome! Good and Faithful Servant.” Because I’m not the expert in this area, a future blog post will consist of further exploration of this topic from my pastor. Stay tuned.

How to ABC Your DESTINY:

  1. Appreciate: Find/Assess your performance in your assignment. Love it.
  2. Belong: Stand in the truth of your divine destiny. Envision your significance. Be in it.
  3. Commit to becoming the Best You that will receive the best reward here and in the afterlife. (Leave your legacy/ be significant on earth and, optimally fulfill your purpose for your reward in the afterlife).  

Ask yourself: 

  1. How do I want to be rewarded, here and beyond? Write that down. 
  2. What legacy do I want to leave behind? Write that down too.
  3. What must I do to ensure the fulfillment of what I wrote down? 

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And … No, you wouldn’t want to miss my Next Blog Post, would you? Of course not! Next I will be answering some other essential questions of life and if I can get my Pastor to spare some time, maybe I will have something different. Stay tuned.

… To your Success and True Happiness….

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