The 5 Essential Questions of life Q. #4: Why am I here? A Question of Purpose.

START quote for blog“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion … your passion will lead you right in to your purpose.” – Bishop T. D. Jakes.


In life’s Q. #3, the concept of seeding was discussed and an exercise on assessing your true potential was also provided. As we continue to locate ourselves on the journey of life, lets be encouraged to reflect deeply on our lives. 

As usual, the exercises in this series are best done in a place free of distractions and each question is to be contemplated throughout the week and beyond. The 5 essential questions of life are listed below for your review. We are covering Question #4 today.

  1. Who am I? A Question of Identity. √
  2. Where do I come from? A question of Origin. √
  3. What Can I do? A Question of Potential. √
  4. Why am I here? A Question of Purpose.
  5. Where Am I going? A Question of Destiny.

Let’s look in to Dr. Munroe’s 4th essential question of life:



Why do you exist? The answer to this question will tell you why you are essential; why the world is better off with you in it. It is a question of value. There must be more than going to work, paying bills, enjoying some goodies, retiring and dying.

There has to have been a blank that made you necessary. A blank that the world needs you to fill. Yours is a space that remains unfilled if you don’t take your spot. In that spot, you can be who you are meant to be. It’s here that the true you must be found and cultivated. It is here that you must plant yourself and blossom. Do not settle on becoming a cheap copy of another person as is all too common, thanks to social media and culture. If you do, there will be nobody home – your spot will be a blank spot. Ask yourself “Is anybody home?”

Kenyan basket for blogOnce you find this space, you must strive to be the best version of yourself.  What a wasted life that would be if you didn’t! What a regret and what a disservice to all who are supposed to interdepend with you? Dr. Munroe states “The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but a life without a purpose.”and he also states “When purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable.” –  Dr. Myles Munroe

It is in your purpose that the provision for your vision unveils best. Here is the place where you easily enter your flow. This is your zone. Care to be found where you belong. There is so much guidance to help you find this place. It is screaming to be found by you – all the time, everywhere:  Proverbs 1: 20 says “Out in the open wisdom calls aloud, she raises her voice in the public square;” and Proverbs 1: 21 adds “…on top of the wall she cries out, at the city gate she makes her speech.”

If only you can quiet yourself enough to hear it, wisdom is calling you back home. You will hear it every time you care to listen long enough – if you want it badly enough. Go for it. Exclude all unnecessary noises that muffle the call. Find your purpose. Focus.

Because purpose is built into every product, it is up to you to search for and discover it, seed it and cultivate it, as you go, to fulfill your assignment. You need ignition, or re-ignition to fire up into your brightest self. So when they say, ‘leading a life,” it means getting to the front of your life, and pulling it forward, purpose-fully. There will be pro-vision for your vision. Your manufacturer ensured that. But, you must take action for the pro-vision to unveil.

How to ABC Your PURPOSE:

  1. Assess & Appreciate the noble reason you are here on earth. 
  2. Belong: Stand in the truth of your assignment. Find it. BE in it.
  3. Commit to to doing your assignment, and to preserving your creator’s original intent.

Ask yourself: 

  1. What did I come to earth to do? What blank am I here to fill?
  2. What is needed of me today to define and potentiate my calling?
  3. What one thing will I do today that begins or continues to fulfil my assignment?

The beans’ story: The Great harvest

It took three months for the beans we planted in Q. #3 to mature for harvest. Meanwhile, my mom continued to keep us hopeful as we continued to faithfully weed, water, fertilize and protect the beans for what felt like a century. We got 150 cans from the one can we planted! The lessons we learnt were life changing and life sustaining! They were greater than our grumbling stomachs, our appetites for instant gratification. Here are the numerous lessons you’ve been waiting to hear:

  • Lesson 1: Delayed gratification aka planned patience (forfeiting a smaller quicker gain for a larger/better future goal). Today, I do wait when needed because I learned patience from the beans’ story. When there is a time stamp on anything, envisioning the harvest keeps me hopeful and I can then persevere and endure the wait in between.
  • Lesson 2: The time between planting the beans and harvesting felt like an eternity to me. Patience and hope are what kept us waiting. There has to be Faith in the means and the end; There needs to be Trust in yourself and/or whoever plants & cultivates what you are hoping for.
  • Lesson 3. Between planting and harvesting there was cultivation – We had to Weed out anything that could chock the beans, guard against theft (animals eating up the beans), mitigate the effects of the unpredictable weather, Create an environment for the crop to blossom, fertilize, water, etc
  • Lesson 4Seeding must come before harvesting not the other way around. Avoid the wrong order – Earn it before you spend it. Doing this in the wrong order is what has led to the current debt crisis for many. They spend money they don’t have, then they try to earn it next to pay back afterwards – usually, at a higher cost.
  • Lesson 5: The future of anything can be found within the thing. Our humongous harvest had been sitting as potential in the one can of seeds we planted. According to Dr. Munroe, a seed has within it, the tree that it will become. The tree is the seed’s potential, even though the seed may look nothing like the tree it is meant to become. I learned that I had a calling, and whereas it may not have been evident at the time, it was sitting within me, waiting to be brought to life.
  • Lesson 6: The growth of a seed in to the right tree is the seed’s assignment. According to Dr. Munroe, this also means that the future of anything is not ahead of it, but it is trapped within it as potential.  Therefore, success and happiness for that seed is in becoming the tree it was meant to become. The tree was the original intent. The tree is that seed’s assignment.

Ultimately, knowing your purpose is like seeing a vision, feeling it with your whole being until you become sure of it, resolving to focus on it as your priority (because it is) and as if your life depends on it (because it does), and going for it with focus, tenacity, endurance, collaboration, and whatever else it takes you to bring it to fruition. When you do, you will be dying empty because you will have poured yourself out to optimize the fulfillment of your assignment. They will point to your value and legacy. They will not say regretfully “He/she had potential.” because you died with it.


Qs. What is your assignment/What were you meant to become? What have you done about it? How far are you into becoming your best self?

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And … No, you wouldn’t want to miss my Next Blog Post, would you? Of course not! Next I will be answering the 5th essential question of life (Where am I going? A Question of Destiny). It may not be what you are thinking. Stay tuned.

… To your Success and True Happiness….

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