Pay it Forward

Hello practitioners/vendors/experts/entrepreneurs/donors, my name is Janepher Otieno. I'm a single mother of four children, a caregiver to a special needs individual and the author of The Tri-Wisdom Effect which teaches self care to single parents and caregivers. I'm also a Registered Nurse, nursing instructor and mentor, determined to find others who can join me in addressing the needs of single parents and caregivers all over the world in virtual community settings.

  • Do you have life experiences or expertise that could help someone else?
  • Have you considered living a life of significance, now that you are mostly successful?
  • Wouldn't it be nice to create a better world where single parents and caregivers get the help and guidance they need?
That we can all chip in to make our mark and impact lives can be real. I'm here today to ask you to join me on a legacy journey. A journey of significance.
Recall a time when you lived a life of survival. A time when you needed help to get over some hurdles in your life. A time when someone, known or unknown to you, held your hand, guided you, or helped you solve some tough problems. Now is your chance to do the same to another. The human race is dependent on humans rising to the occasion, holding up the next generation - in a relay - to make the world a better place to live in. Along the journeys of our lives, we pass through stages of Survival, Success and Significance. As a person who has succeeded and wants to pass on some goodwill, here is your opportunity to do just that. Here's your opportunity to add on to your current Significance. Say yes to the call today: Give your time, talent, or treasure to someone who needs it to survive and thrive. Achieve significance and leave a legacy by helping Single parents and caregivers. Click the sign-up button and support/guide someone through life stages of Survival, Success, or Significance:
  • Be matched to someone you can help.
  • Commit to as little as 12 hours of Significance.
  • If you have a business, Set up shop for your services & products by taking advantage of the publicity that will be happening with the Tri-Wisdom Effect!