Want to blossom? Revisit Gender roles

You probably gathered that attitudes are more important than facts

Gender Roles

Cultures can have profound effects on our lives. For example, some cultures may prohibit a male person from raising a child on his own. Others will insist that single parents re-marry, even against their will, and before they are ready, if at all they intend to. This forces them to comply with choices that create frustration.

When I first separated from my Ex-husband, the common statement from my cultural group was “We are praying for you to get back together.” Nobody ever asked me whether I wanted to get back with my ex. To me, it felt like telling someone who was running away from their burning house, “let’s take you back to your house, that’s where you belong.” For the most part, my culture believes that a woman should always go back to her husband. She is his.

Superiority versus Inferiority Complexes

The cultural belief that some people are superior to others can truly affect some. Less opportunities or compensation are accorded those deemed inferior. With a fixed mindset, the ‘settled inferiors’ accept that subordinate position, to their own detriment. When opportunities present themselves, the ‘inferiors’ are either blind to them or don’t believe in their ability to make it happen for themselves, or are in disbelief that these could be true opportunities. They come up with excuses to rationalize their inaction. By doing this, they keep their status. They stay in their comfort zone and teach their children to do the same.

The relationship between superiors and inferiors is complex and it can work against both groups of people, holding back one group overtly and affecting the other in unseen ways. In the modern world where opportunities are available for all, a growth mindset is a solution to this problem. In countries where certain groups are suppressed, sages can provide the wisdom that befits those in such situations. Ultimately, where there is a will, there is a way.

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