Yelp to a better You

My fellow single parents and caregivers, we are tasked with an unsurmountable responsibility to chart the course of other human beings. Neither should we take this call lightly nor ignore the toll that the related work-of-love can take on us. Join me on a journey aimed at pulling you up towards success and significance from a life of survival or struggle.

My name is Janepher, the author of my upcoming book – The Tri-Wisdom Effect: Achieve success and true Happiness while caring for others. As a single mother of four, a caregiver to my special needs son, a full-time nursing instructor, and part-time real estate investor, it has not always been easy to juggle the many demands on my life. There have been some very tough times along the way. Times when my world has fallen apart. Times that I have hit rock bottom. This led me to ask….

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to have some standby support, a place to yell for help? A place to find guidance from the experienced? From experts?
  • And wouldn’t it be even nicer to find a way to simplify life, to better manage it without losing a mind?

It was then that the idea of a Tri-Wisdom Village was birthed. As we immerse ourselves in whatever it takes to truly raise others, it is easy to forget to include yourself in the forward march against a ticking clock. It is easy to get overwhelmed and give up or get absorbed and burn out.

Yet, in such a life, there can be an easier way. There can be a back-borne to hold you steady. There could be secrets to help you step forward and keep going. Secrets which when accessed, become life’s buffers, equalizers, and boosters. Secrets that silence the noises of self-pity and hopelessness. Of fear, doubt and hesitation. Secrets that reveal your true essence. You can have a rare application of freely accessible knowledge. A discovery that moves you from survival to success to significance. Yes, you can blossom! So if you….

  • Feel overwhelmed by the many demands of single parenting or caregiving, the Tri-Wisdom Village is the community to join.
  • Are unsure of what to do be more effective as a caregiver, you have found your home at TriWisdom Village.
  • Are stressed by your less-than-adequate income in your present and for your future? Then Yelp!

Yell for help.

At, we are putting together a team of professionals and experienced individuals who are willing to share experiences and expertise to help you create a better world for yourself, your loved ones and ultimately, for your community. At the Tri-Wisdom village, we understand the plight of single parents, and we understand the plight of caregivers. In this Virtual Global Village, we want you to ABC: Appreciate, Belong, and Contribute to your self-care and, ultimately, to others. We know that when you get the relief, the support or the guidance that you seek, you will succeed. From a position of success and stability, you can hold the hand of another, and together, we can create a better world for us all.